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Vacuum Pump & Chiller Enclosures


IonBench MS Mass Spec Bench Features & Benefits

We eliminate "Mass Spec Creep", which we define as that gradual evolutionary
spread of rough pumps, cables, hoses, cords, computers, peripherals, tanks, tools
and other paraphernalia until the accessories dominate the lab.

IonBench Advantages

Quiet Vacuum Pumps.
We have the best soundproofing guarantee at 15 dbA,
a 75% perceived reduction in noise.

IonBench lab bench for mass spectrometry

No Vibration.
Leading mass spectrometry instrumentation manufacturers expect their mass spectrometer to be on a surface that is vibration free, and state that requirement in their site preparation documents. With IonBench, patented calibrated dampening springs remove 99% of vibration transfer,
significantly extending the lifetime of your GC/MS or LC/MS turbo molecular pump.


Calibrated springs on IonBench eliminate vibration transfer

The bench is wide enough to accommodate your mass spec and leave room for tools.
Peripherals such as computers, waste bottles, rough pumps and more are integrated into the bench.

Sturdy, lockable casters enable safe movement and easy access to the back of the instrument for service.Solid casters for IonBench simplify movement
Four built in (and quiet) cooling fans force air through the bench; no need for a space behind.
We believe you will see an overall 30% reduction in occupied space.

IonBench cooling fans keep vacuum pumps at operating temperature


Quiet Operation
We guarantee a 15 dbA reduction in noise, better than 75%, the best guarantee in the industry.
Up to two rough pumps the size of Edwards E2M28 can remain in the vacuum pump enclosure, even up to three pumps for the larger mass spectrometers.

Large vacuum pump enclosure can accommodate up to three vacuum pumps


Tidy Cable & Hose Connections
Available grommets arrange cables and vacuum hoses so they are
protected and efficient.

Cable and hose management with IonBench is easy


Rough Pump Overheat Protection
Overheat alarm provides an audio visual signal if the vacuum pump enclosure

With IonBe3nch pumps are protected against overheating